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Pharmacy training quiz (How to start training?)

Today all pharmacy students want to be good or even very excellent pharmacists when talking about practicing  pharmacy skills either at their own pharmacies or at another places of work.

In an Honorary event, eleven major Pharmaceutical, Medical and Laboratory institutes awarded more than five hundred outstanding Pharmacy students with training certificates for their completion of the summer training courses provided by MSA. Because MSA predominantly considers it’s treasured students, the University contributes in providing opportunities of thorough training during the summer break in collaboration with several grand Pharmaceutical, Medical and Laboratory enterprises including: AstraZeneca, Sedico Pharmaceutical, GlobalNapi Pharmaceuticals, Epico Pharmaceuticals, Future FPI, Biopharm (SAJA), Multi-Apex Pharma, and Elite Pharma, As it also subsided with offering it’s esteemed Pharmacy students with numerous opportunities of apprenticeship in Clinical Pharmacy in affiliation with The National Cancer Institute accompanied by El Araby Hospital. In addition to offering similar prospects across several leading pharmacies and laboratories in Egypt that incorporates: Abu Ali Pharmacy Chains as well as Trust Laboratory Franchise. The aforementioned efforts of MSA are solely with the motive of ensuring it’s utmost contribution in preparing it’s students with all the elements required to conquer the professional world.